IBM Process and Capabilities

IBM ProcessEquipment Operation Chart

1. Stock Preparation/Injection Device
2. Hot Runner.
3. Core Rod.
4. Bottle Preform.
5. Injection Mould Cavity.
6. Injection Station.
7. Blow Moulding Station.
8. Blow Mould Cavity.
9. Bottle Take Off Station

There are several advantages in using injection blow molding rather than extrusion blow mould in higher performance smaller items.

1. Injection blow moulding is designed to create plastic bottles and containers that meet exacting standards with consistent weight, volume tolerance and quality.
2. Because the plastic is injection moulded at the start of the process, there is very little variation in the overall weights of the products.
3. This makes the IBM process very desirable for products requiring minimal package weight variance and enables reduction in fill variation as a result.
4. Products which require high accuracy threads and neck details are ideally suited to the IBM process. This features allowed for the use of injection blow molding of pressure bottles and safety enclosure for pill bottles.
5. Another advantage is the ability to mould multiple containers. Many injection blow moulding machine use multiple mandrel forming up to 12 hollow parts at one time.
6. Injection blow moulding also allows smooth parting lines on body and bottom for perfect surface finishing, various shapes are available;
7. Allowances can be made for thicker bottoms and mid sections by increasing the cavity around the mandrel.
8. The parison at the second stage stretch by extending the steel mandrel forcing the plastic to elongate. This elongation stretches and aligns the plastic molecules along the vertical directions of the container. This increases the overall strength of the container.
9. In injection blow moulding the part is formed in an enclosed mold, there is no scrap to be trimmed from the container. The three stations of the process allow for the formation of a thick treaded neck with a thin container wall.

IBM Blow Molding Bottles
  • Please see above for capabilities and cosmetic and pharmaceutical range. Our IBM machines have the capability to mould bottles and jars in various configurations and sizes. IBM moulds can be made expeditiously and cost effectively.
  • Food plastics have superior technical knowledge and project management expertise to deliver a correct product to satisfy customer needs and demands.
  • Our modern machines are specified to be able to compete in the short run market with success.
  • We are able to achieve accurate bottle sizes with consistent weights through short runs and cost effective tooling where larger volume competitors would struggle. This brings short to medium production possibilities into a commercial reality.